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22nd Mabuhay Awards - Message from the President of the Philippines Official emblem of the President of the Republic of the Philippines

Malacañan Palace


My warmest greetings to the Association of Human Resources Managers in the Hospitality Industry (AHRM) as it holds its 22nd Mabuhay Awards.

I join AHRM in giving due recognition to employees and managers who have created real and meaningful changes in the respective pursuits. By upholding excellence in their line of work, the awardees have been role models to their colleagues. Their deeds symbolize what the country expects of this industry - bold, adaptive to change, and innovative. Truly, the hospitality and human resources management sectors have been our proactive partners in bolstering our efforts in nation-building.

The government sees the potential of what this nation has to offer the world. Thus, we have taken steps to relax travel restrictions and improve physical infrastructure so visitors can have a more hassle-free experience in the Philippines. Through a culture of outstanding service, I encourage each of you to take part of this worthwhile endeavor. Together, let us continue to inspire others and create a more dynamic tourism industry.

Congratulations to our awardees and I wish you all the best.



Rodrigo Roa Duterte

27 November 2017

22nd Mabuhay Awards - Message from the Vice President of the Philippines Official emblem of the Vice President of the Republic of the Philippines

 Office of the Vice President


Greetings to the Association of Human Resources Managers as you hold the 22nd Mabuhay Awards.

Filipino service is known to be one of the most reliable and hospitable worldwide because of the constant effort and cooperation of both the public and private sector, who works tirelessly in producing top-performing and globally competitive service providers in the country. We also attribute this success to all our human resource managers who ensure the welfare and well-being of our workers.

As you come together in this convention, may you inspire industry members to extend opportunities of employment to our fell Filipinos in the margins. May this night of recognition also push you to work harder, not just for the hospitality industry, but for our entire nation.

Congratulations to all the awardees.

Mabuhay kayong lahat!




22nd Mabuhay Awards - Message from the DOLE Secretary of the Philippines Official logo of the Department of Labor and Employment

Philippine Department of Labor and Employment


I join the officers and members of the Association of Human Resources Managers in the Hospitality Industry (AHRM) in "Celebrating the Icons of Filipino Hospitality" on your 22nd Mabuhay Awards.

Being the stewards of the manpower resource of a key employment generating sector in the country, your organization no less plays an important role in providing direction to workforce utilization in the tourism industry - a major player in providing better work opportunities to the Filipino people.

I laud your association for organizing a service excellence awards program which is considered the Philippines' "Oscars" of the tourism and hospitality industry. Among other things, this undertaking helped a lot in fostering camaraderie and unity among your members from deluxe resorts and hotels, prestigious restaurant chains and academic institutions.

By recognizing and awarding model employees, your association promotes outstanding service commitment in your industry.

As the government, private sector, and other stakeholders work together towards the creation of decent jobs, we need organizations such as yours to ensure that we produce the best of the best hospitality professionals in the country.

I commend the managers, supervisors, and rank and file employees who will be awarded for their excellent service. You are models of Filipino hospitality at its best.

Congratulations to all!




22nd Mabuhay Awards - Message from the DOT Secretary of the Philippines Official logo of the Department of Tourism

Philippine Department of Tourism


The Department of Tourism (DOT) joins the Association of Human Resources Managers (AHRM) as it presents the 22nd Mabuhay Awards on November 27, 2017 at the Grand Ballroom of the Ascott BGC Hotel, Taguig City.

As tourism remains one of the Philippine economy's bright spots under President Rodrigo R. Duterte's administration, it is crucial to take advantage of similar endeavors to further boost the industry's present 10.6 percent contribution to the country's GDP.

The Filipinos are not only the best hosts, but also the best tourism workforce globally. Renowned for our industry, resourcefulness and perseverance, we aim to deliver a promise of a more heartfelt and memorable Philippine tourism experience.

The DOT lauds AHRM for its continued support towards "service excellence for sustainable future" as we all aspire for competent, well-motivated and highly productive tourism workforce. The Mabuhay Awards is one of the mechanisms that will encourage and boost competitiveness amongst tourism professionals as to excel in providing quality service and to give outstanding service commitment in the tourism and hospitality industry.

Together, let us invest in our people's education, skill-building capacities, and institutionalization of a human resouce recognition system to reward deserving tourism professionals in their outstanding contributions to raise the standards and qualifications of the tourism workforce in the country.

On behalf of the DOT, my warmest congratulations to the 22nd Mabuhay Awardees!




22nd Mabuhay Awards - Message from the DOT Undersecretary of the Philippines Official logo of the Department of Toursim

Philippine Tourism Regulation, Coordination & Resource Generation (TRCRG)


My warmest felicitations to the Association of Human Resource Managers (AHRM) in the Hospitality Industry for the holding of your 22nd Mabuhay Awards. Service remains an integral part of tourism business. Our tourism destinations become more appealing and memorable to our tourists because of the warm and friendly interaction they experience with our hospitality service providers. Focusing on the human element of the visitor experience is a collaborative effort which involves all the actors in the organization.

I would like to commend the AHRM in continuously striving to instill service excellence in the hospitality industry through Mabuhay Awards, where exemplary performance of hoteliers and associates are acknowledged. May I also congratulate all finalists for the different award categories. You are all winners in your own right. We tke our hats off to all of you who symbolize the Filipino brand of service - hospitality at its warmest.

I wish AHRM all the success in all its undertaking.





22nd Mabuhay Awards - Message from the AHRM President Official logo of the AHRM

 Association of Human Resources Managers
in the Hospitality Industry


There are a lot of things to be proud of as a Filipino. We are known all over the world for our singers, our theater actors, our writers, our dancers. Just recently, during the gala night of the 50th ASEAN anniversary, Filipino talent and creativity shined on stage. But what a lot of people do not know, or see up front, is the passionate commitment of thousands of Filipinos behind the scenes who proved to the world that our hospitality is the best there is.

I have heard a lot of stories during the ASEAN celebration. Our hotels were full of visitors who came from all over the world. Aside from appreciating Filipino culture and cuisine, I have heard positive stories on the heartwarming hospitality shown by our Filipino hoteliers, managers, supervisors, front of house and heart of house staff. Our foreign friends have expressed that they have not seen a Filipino hospitality worker frown or get angry amidst the challenging tasks of serving VIP visitors. To smile is truly a Filipino way of showing that we care. Making sure that our guests are comfortable is our utmost goal. Tunay na maipagmamalaki ang Pinoy!

Thus, it is on this positive note that we welcome the staging of another edition of the Mabuhay Awards, which is now on its 22nd year. We celebrate the “icons” of our industry and we are continually inspired and motivated by their stories and accomplishments. Without them, our industry may not be as vibrant and exciting as it is. To all of them who have gone before us, we honor them by remembering their legacies. As you may now know, the AHRM or the Association of Human Resources Managers in the Hospitality Industry, is the country’s premier professional organization of HR practitioners. Thus, the Mabuhay Awards is the most prestigious as it only celebrates the best of the best. Aside from the strict screening, judging and interview, our finalists have shown what true Filipino hospitality is all about. This we have shown during major events, such
as the ASEAN 50.

Mabuhay to the newest finalists and awardees of the Mabuhay Awards. May all of you become icons of hospitality in the future. Mabuhay!



Judith B. Imperial
AHRM President
Executive Director The Cravings Group

22nd Mabuhay Awards - Message from the Regional General Manager Official logo of the AHRM and ASCOTT


2017 marks the year that The Ascott Limited Philippines is given the privilege to host the best of the best in the hospitality industry through the Association of Human Resources (AHRM). It is with great pleasure to be hosting the Mabuhay Awards at Ascott Bonifacio Global City Manila as this is something close to my heart as a Mabuhay Gold Awardee.

The Ascott Limited Philippines is one of the largest hospitality companies in the country with seven operating properties, and another nine under development. Our commitment to the Philippines is deep rooted and today we are reaping the results of this our commitment as we drive towards our vision of thirty properties nationwide by 2020.

Through the years we are proud to have had our very own nominated for their work and this year, we are again honored to have some of our best talents recognized in this prestigious event. Here in Ascott, we aim to aid in the growth and progress of the careers of our associates, thus it is with deep joy that we see them greater reaching heights and excelling in their respective departments. I would like to take this opportunity to recognize all Ascott associates who day in and out give their passionate best to deliver a WOW stay experience to our guest as well as serving each other to ensure a best-company workplace.

The theme for this year, “Celebrating Icons of Filipino Hospitality”, is something that I personally passionately support – the innate warm hospitality of Filipinos supported by excellent training and guidance truly elevates the quality of work which then translates to a delightful stay experience of our valued guests. It is fitting that we are able to celebrate these icons as we continue to recognize those that are currently thriving in their respective fields.

To the nominees for this year, I would like to congratulate all of you for making it this far and we wish you the best of luck.

To the organizing committee and to all the officers and members of the AHRM, congratulations on another successful Mabuhay Awards event. On behalf of The Ascott Limited Philippines, we extend our sincerest thanks for creating a platform for the exceptional talents in the hospitality industry to be recognized as they truly deserve.

And to all those that aspire to become nominated for the Mabuhay Awards, always remember that if you love what you do and if you possess the passion and determination to keep delivering the best quality of work in your jobs – you have already made it and the recognition will follow.

Keep the Faith!



Regional General Manager
The Ascott Limited, Philippines & Thailand

22nd Mabuhay Awards - Message from the AHRM Chairman Official logo of the AHRM and ASCOTT


It is a privilege to be part of the 22nd Mabuhay Awards, along with the debut of The Ascott Limited in hosting this prestigious event. This year the Association of Human Resources (AHRM) graciously allowed a non-HR to be the Chairperson for this very important event in our industry, entitled “Celebrating Icons of Filipino Hospitality”. The Philippines is rich in talent, with warmth and genuineness at the very core of the individuals. Therefore, it’s ideal that we gather once year to celebrate and recognize the icons of Filipino Hospitality and shower them with accolades that they absolutely deserve. With the continuous growth of our industry, we rely greatly on the members of AHRM to continue to push the service levels to new heights and ensuring a growing pipeline of talent who continues to deliver the warmth of the Filipino.

On behalf of The Ascott Limited, we salute all the participating establishments, their respective leaders and colleagues for putting recognition at the forefront of their values and ensuring a commitment to provide a platform in which their people can shine. 

To the members, officers and board of AHRM along with the members of the 22nd Mabuhay Awards Committee, thank you for your support and ensuring we, the participating establishments continue to recognize our talents and show our appreciation to their continuous hard work and efforts. It was an absolute pleasure to work alongside such a committed and passionate association which cares so dearly for the people in which the industry relies so heavily on.

To the panel of judges, we greatly appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedules. We are honored to have your support and thank you for allowing us to present to you the most important assets of our industry.

To Ascott Bonifacio Global City Manila and the Philippines colleagues within The Ascott Limited, my special thanks to you for always extending your support to AHRM. It was inspiring to share the journey with you and be immersed in the passion and excitement you all showcased as we made arrangements to debut as the host of this prestigious event.

And finally, the nominees, congratulations on being the best of the best and serving as an inspiration to others as you continue to scale to greater heights in the hospitality industry.



General Manager
Ascott Makati, Somerset Millennium Makati, and Somerset Alabang Manila
Chairman of the 22nd Mabuhay Awards

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