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Message from Jose D. Lina Jr. - President, Manila Hotel

Atty. Jose Lina Jr. - President, Manila HotelFilipino hospitality is renowned worldwide. That is why Filipinos are generally welcome in the hospitality industry in many parts of the world.

As Filipinos, we always go the “extra mile” to make our guests happy and feel at home. Guests come to us because we create memorable experiences for them and that is what makes us special and different. That is what we do in Manila Hotel.

Truly, Filipinos are ASEAN’s pride. With great service, we make guests’ experience colorful. It is the duty of the Human Resources group to pick the best of the best available personnel, hone their talents to be more globally competitive.

The Mabuhay Awards was not just created to recognize the admirable performance of the staff in the hospitality industry. But it also promotes camaraderie among hospitality industry practitioners in the pursuit of service excellence.

Kudos to the men and women of the Association of Human Resources Managers in the hospitality industry for their superb efforts in addressing the growing concerns and developments in the hospitality industry human resources sector.

To the finalists of the 19th Mabuhay Awards, congratulations and best wishes.


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